General Sheet Metal Fabrication

At our full size sheet metal shop we have the capability to work with material ranging from flat sheet to steel plate, aluminum to stainless steel, and all types of bar, angle, rod, and tubing. Because of our plasma burner we are able to cut custom shapes to precise standards and shear, break, roll, or form those pieces to any desired shape or configuration. Below is just a small list of pieces we can fabricate at our shop, but we are far from limited - if you need a different or custom part just call and ask.

  • miscellaneous brackets
  • equipment stands
  • railings
  • cable gutters
  • chutes
  • ladders, platforms, and walkways
  • tanks (except fuel)
  • HVAC ducting (square, round, or custom)
  • HVAC accessories and fitting
  • miscellaneous fittings
  • spiral ducting
  • angle ring flanges
  • oven/kiln hoods
  • exhaust fans and hoods
  • channels
  • I - Beams
  • rod
  • plate steel
  • cover plates
  • angles and shapes
  • back splashes
  • drip/drain pans
  • equipment covers
  • roofing, gutters, flashing, louvers
  • panels
  • wall track
  • scuppers
  • roof caps
  • bench tops
  • Barometric Dampers


Installation Capabilities

Our installers are highly trained and specialize in installing our equipment, namely CAC fans, blowers, dust collectors, cyclone units, and fittings. However, any and all of the pieces fabricated in our shop can be installed by our installers . We can also make repairs or additions to any existing system and have the capability to tear down and/or move systems when necessary.  Below is just a small list of our general installation capabilities, but these are only our standard - if you need a different or custom installation just call and ask.