Belt Conveyors

For small material handling issues, the solution can be a traditional belt conveyor. We can engineer, fabricate, and install belt conveyors to fit all your material handling needs. Any size, shape, or capacity - we will custom fit a conveyor to your specific needs.

Metering Conveyors

A standard CAC metering conveyor is ideal for feeding large shredders and keeping them from being overfed. Our metering coveryor is a simple incline belt conveyor that can be designed to increase or decrease the amount of material being fed into your equipment being loaded. As with all of our units, we engineer fabricate, and install our metering conveyors one hundred percent in-house so we can always fit them to your exact specifications.  


As an alternative to a standard belt conveyor, we have available our custom built airveyors. A baffle plate over a small moving air pocket moves your material downstream to a pickup point with minimal moving parts, eliminating many of the problems associated with a traditional belt conveyor.