We have had many questions submitted to us over the years. Below is a collection of the most frequently asked questions about our products and our company. 

Pneumatic Scrap Conveying Systems

How do I get my system sized/designed?

Answer: For Southern California companies please call us and we can come out and advise.  For out of state companies fax or e-mail pictures, equipment types, and building layout.

My Material Handling Fan is vibrating/shaking, what should I do?

Answer: Most likely the fan wheel has become out of balance, it needs to either be replaced with a balanced wheel of the same diameter, or repaired, balanced, and replaced.


Why is my Cyclone plugging up?

Answer: Properly sized Cyclone units with adequate baler equipment should be rather difficult to plug up with operator error being the most common cause.  First make sure the baler is operating efficiently and cycling at regular intervals to keep up with the amount of paper being fed into your system.  Secondly make sure that too much paper is not being fed into the system through pickups so that the baler cannot keep up.


How do I clean out my Cyclone Unit once it has plugged?

AnswerAfter locking out baler equipment get up to the cleanout access door and pull out the paper by hand.  All paper should be removed or pushed back down the chute.  Paper needs to be removed from the screen inside the Cyclone as well if it hangs up there.


How do you make pipe connections?

Answer: Angle rings or slip collars are most commonly used.


Why is my Cyclone plugging up at the bottom of the cone, not in the feed chute

Answer: A Cyclone unit will not plug up starting at the bottom of the cone.  It must build up in the feed chute and into the cone to get stuck at the cone botton.  After the baler makes its next cycle the feed chute will clear but still leave paper plugged in the cone.


How can I remedy my Cyclone plugging if the baler is too slow to keep up with the rate of paper being fed?

AnswerHigh limit photoeyes installed by an electrician that connect to a buzzer or flashing light that will alert the baler operator of the paper getting close to filling into the cone, or interlock these photoeyes to shut down fans that operated high paper loading pickup points like floor sweeps.


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